word type: noun

  1. A poker player that plays a ring (otherwise known as cash) game and buys in for the minimum amount.


For whatever reason, many top cash game players in the low and mid-stakes simply can't beat the shortstackers regularly because they are magic luckboxes that always hit their hand. They are generally regarded as a nuisance to players that buy in for a full buy-in, prompting many sites to spawn 50BB (big blind) minimum buyin tables.

Example Shortstacker Play and Suckout

Reasons to Shortstack in a Cash Game

This form of poker can be highly effective if played properly and involves stack shoving with premium hands in the right situations. Although some players play shortstacked in a cash game simply because they are using their whole bankroll on a big table, others have used the mathematics behind shortstack poker theory to make a living. Many regulars have great difficulty playing against shortstackers, and the ease of playing this way allows these players to play many more tables at once than they would be able to if they bought in at the full amount. This allows them to receive better rakeback deals and clear bonuses quicker than other players.