word type: verb

  1. To come from behind in a hand to win.

Popular Uses

I suck, therefore I suck out. -North Shore Mike

I was low on chips, so I pushed pre-flop with A-9. Unfortunately, I was called by a guy with A-K. Lucky for me, though, I sucked out when I hit a 9 on the turn. That catapulted me to the final table and a $2,500 payday. -Me

2005 World Series of Poker

Want to see a suckout on the biggest stage in poker? How about that, and then a re-suckout? This hand, between Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and Scott Lazar, occurred right at the beginning of the final table of the Main Event at the 2005 World Series of Poker. Feel the drama.

First hand shown in the video, approximately 3 minutes in.

You Should Also Know...

If you find yourself getting sucked out on a lot, it could just be a run of bad luck, but there could also be a leak in your game. Try to evaluate your play and figure out why it's happening - you could be allowing your opponents to draw too cheaply.

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