word type: noun

  1. Tennis is a racket-based sport played between opponents on opposite sides of a net.

What's the Sig?

Why is there a term dedicated to a well-known sport within a glossary of poker terms? Because an elite faction of players--notably Gus Hansen, David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius--were expert tennis players before they were experts at poker.

Unofficial and Incomplete Poker Player Tennis Rankings

Here is a brief overview, in order of approximate skill, of poker players who also play tennis:

1) The Asian dude at your WSOP starting table who states he is willing to play any poker player in tennis for money.

2) Gus Hansen

3) Patrik Antonius

4) David Benyamine

5) Jesse Martin

6) Greg "FBT" Mueller

7) Steve Giufre

8) Shane Schleger

9) Brandon Adams

10) Kenny Tran

Players whose current rankings are not known include: Bill Gazes, Matt Lefkowitz and Erik Seidel.