word type: verb

  1. When a player makes an obvious move or exposes his or her cards in a manner as to purposefully show an impression to an opponent about your style of play.


During a Hold'em game and during the hand, the player that is "advertising" will expose his cards to show that he was a loose bluffer after he got his opponent to fold to his bluff bet. This advertises the fact that he's a loose and aggressive player.

A Bad Idea

Generally speaking, giving your opponents any information about your game is an extremely unwise idea. Even if you do it purposefully - for example showing them your hand when you have the nuts so that they think you always have it - it's still not a recommended practice. Why? Because experienced players can often use this to their advantage, possibly picking up tells on you when you have a good hand. The less information you give out - whether knowingly or not - the tougher you'll be to read.