Dinner Break

word type: noun

  1. An extended break, usually 60-90 minutes long, which takes place in the latter part of the day during a poker tournament.

Eating Out

Although it's rarely discussed, there are actually a lot of mind-body-type strategic considerations to take into account when deciding what to do with your time and your appetite. Is it best to eat a light meal, a heavy meal, no meal at all? Carbs? These are mysteries of the dinner break, and probably different for every poker player.

Mike Matusow has voiced his distaste for dinner breaks entirely since he feels slower and less alert afterward.

For these reasons and more, some people spend their time during dinner break doing things other than eating, such as showering or socializing.

Look Ma, I Made the Dinner Break

There is a very minor amount of significance associated with "making the dinner break." Most often, it will be mentioned by a poker player in a self-effacing way or to describe poor results, such as, "I played 30 events at the WSOP, and I haven't even seen the dinner break but once."