Rakeback Pro

word type: poker slang

  1. A break-even or losing poker player in terms of win-rate who turns a profit by accumulating massive amounts of rakeback.


Rakeback is a method of an affiliate sharing profits off a player by kicking back a percentage every week or month. For a site like Full Tilt Poker that percentage is usually 27% at any given affiliate. What a "Rakeback Pro" will do is play break-even or losing poker in terms of winrate but play such a massive amount of hands that the rakeback they make will offset any losses.


Joey Pokerplayer is a break-even to losing player who actually shows a 0BB/100 win-rate playing 200nl ($1-$2 blinds). This means that he is completely a break-even player. However, because he has a rakeback deal for 27% and plays 100,000 hands a month, Joey actually turns a very healthy profit. Because Joey paid thousands in rake during his break-even play, in the long run, he actually makes money thanks to rakeback.