Joe Ingram

word type: person

  1. A small stakes 24-tabling grinder that won $30,000 in prop bet money by playing 50,000 hands in a 24-hour period and showed a profit at 25nl.
  2. Aliases include ChicagoJoey (TwoPlusTwo Forums) and JoeIngram1 (PokerStars screen name).

The World Record

Joe Ingram made huge headlines in the world of online poker after he got huge action on a proposed prop bet. He would play 50,000 hands or more at 25nl ($0.10-$0.25 blinds) and had to show a profit. He accomplished the feat and took in over $30,000 in prop bet money along with the $800+ in winnings from the games.

Setting the Record

Ingram's roommate, known as "Dashornman" video recorded the world record being set. As you might tell, Ingram was extremely happy and pretty delirious at the same time.