Last Longer

word type: noun

  1. A bet made in a freezout tournament, pitting a group of two or more players in a bet in which the object is to be the last player remaining.

Example of an Expert Last Longer

Early on day one of the 2007 Bellaio Cup, David Oppenheim approached Guy Laliberte, offering a $10,000 last longer which Guy accepted. Guy busted within two hours and David Oppenheim went on to cash the tournament but not before freerolling on the $10K entry fee.

Example of a Casual Last Longer

Early in a tournament, you might see someone collecting $100-$1,000 in a last longer pool involving up to several dozen players. This is the less competitive version, wherein a group of players are taking a small shot at a decent parlay, the winner usually receiving several times his investment without having to pay any considerations to the stakes.

You Gotta Know When to Last Longer

Sklansky recommends wagering on last longers only for very insignificant or very large sums of money. The basic idea is that you don't want to wager an amount of money that might cause you to alter strategy enough to distract the bettor from focusing on the more important goal of winning the event.