word type: noun

  1. Poker slang for four of a kind.

Yay! I Flopped Quads! Now What?

Obviously, hitting a four of a kind is a tremendous feeling, but when you flop quads, it is sometimes hard to figure out how to play it. After all, chances are that nobody else hit anything too big. Some people like to fast play their quads to throw off their opponents. After all, why would somebody risk scaring players out of the pot with such a good hand? Most of the time, the best option is to slow play quads and just hope that someone else hits a hand worth betting. Maybe someone will make a flush, straight, or full house and not be able to get away from the hand.

Math Time!

If you hold a pocket pair, the chances of you flopping quads are .20%. If you don't have a pair in the hole, the probability of flopping quads is virtually zero - .01%.

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