word type: poker slang

  1. They r 1 thing


At the 2:33:13 PM timestamp in the chat log below, Chad "lilholdem965" Batista says:

swongs are 1 thing

Of course, he meant to type "swings" but his typo has made "swongs" the same to "swings" as "pwn" is to the word "own". A celebrated typo.

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The Full Chat Log

Chad (2:27:37 PM) : srry man
Chad (2:27:46 PM) : i cant finish out the money on lilholdem
ME (2:27:56 PM) : what do u mean?
Chad (2:28:21 PM) : i am not playing on lilholdem ne more
Chad (2:28:29 PM) : gettin new account
Chad (2:28:31 PM) : s
ME (2:28:17 PM) : dude
Chad (2:28:46 PM) : i cant cont to loose 10k a day
Chad (2:28:52 PM) : when my acct is blatenltly rigged
ME (2:28:43 PM) : its obv not rigged
Chad (2:29:00 PM) : no no
Chad (2:29:01 PM) : it is
Chad (2:29:03 PM) : bro
Chad (2:29:15 PM) : i will go on a new name and win a ton
Chad (2:29:28 PM) : plsu i cant deal wioth all these mpother fkers
Chad (2:29:33 PM) : always got sumthin to say about me man
Chad (2:29:35 PM) : just gets old
Chad (2:29:43 PM) : i can hit a 3 outtter on 1 table
Chad (2:29:49 PM) : lost teh last 80 ffor 20gs
Chad (2:29:51 PM) : and lil; htis
Chad (2:29:53 PM) : so luky
Chad (2:29:54 PM) : blah blah
Chad (2:29:56 PM) : fk err 1
Chad (2:30:12 PM) : i will be just like jj prodigy
ME (2:30:02 PM) : thats poker bro
ME (2:30:05 PM) : variance sucks
Chad (2:30:21 PM) : dude
Chad (2:30:23 PM) : never in muy life
Chad (2:30:32 PM) : hae i seen a site sme thing happens err time
Chad (2:30:36 PM) : naw its not that at all dude
Chad (2:30:49 PM) : poke stasr is rigged
Chad (2:30:52 PM) : that is a fact
ME (2:31:01 PM) : i dont think anyone thats ranked would agree with that...
Chad (2:31:18 PM) : i have 4 30k plus scores on othernames
Chad (2:31:20 PM) : played maybee 6x on them
Chad (2:31:21 PM) : on sdtars
Chad (2:31:24 PM) : never on my name
Chad (2:31:32 PM) : well i been saying it
Chad (2:31:34 PM) : and will say it
ME (2:31:51 PM) : its just random, how much money have u made on stars?
ME (2:31:53 PM) : 300k?
Chad (2:32:14 PM) : i dunno
Chad (2:32:15 PM) : not enough
Chad (2:32:18 PM) : if it wasnt rigged
Chad (2:32:19 PM) : real talk
Chad (2:32:23 PM) : i made that in 2 months on tilt
Chad (2:32:26 PM) : and 2 months on party
Chad (2:32:35 PM) : the site just can giive out so much shyt
Chad (2:32:43 PM) : cause they keepo players winning so they can make more
Chad (2:32:49 PM) : its a grt8 fkn hustle they got
ME (2:32:38 PM) : people are down 300k bc of u, and they probably say its rigged cause they lost money too, u just gotta play through the sweings
Chad (2:32:57 PM) : i know when i am goin to get 2 outeter
Chad (2:32:59 PM) : its so sik
Chad (2:33:00 PM) : on stars
Chad (2:33:11 PM) : naw man
Chad (2:33:13 PM) : swongs are 1 thing
Chad (2:33:18 PM) : rigged is another
Chad (2:33:27 PM) : and fk the [censored] ak
Chad (2:33:31 PM) : i aint payin him shy tne way
Chad (2:33:40 PM) : he can get it from me if we ever meet
ME (2:33:58 PM) : i dunno how to convince u, ive gone on some sick bad runs in sngs, just look at my sharkscope, but im 100% sure stars isnt rigged
ME (2:34:10 PM) : but dude, that makes me look like [censored]
Chad (2:34:27 PM) : and im 100% it is
Chad (2:34:32 PM) : i know sorry
Chad (2:34:34 PM) : fk them
Chad (2:34:40 PM) : i aint payin
Chad (2:34:45 PM) : and i dotn care what ne way says about it
Chad (2:34:50 PM) : they wiull be no me
Chad (2:34:51 PM) : ne wa
Chad (2:34:52 PM) : y
Chad (2:34:56 PM) : no1 will know
Chad (2:34:58 PM) : shyt
Chad (2:35:13 PM) : i can be random guy
Chad (2:35:14 PM) : new guy
Chad (2:35:45 PM) : tilt isnt rigged bro
Chad (2:35:50 PM) : its a fair site
Chad (2:35:53 PM) : 100%
ME (2:36:10 PM) : dude u cant back out of the bet, we all agreed not to send 10k to a 3rd party cause we all trusted each other, u cant just back out of it
Chad (2:36:34 PM) : i asure can
ME (2:36:31 PM) : dude thats so shady
Chad (2:36:48 PM) : cause icant play on my name man
Chad (2:36:51 PM) : its ok
ME (2:36:44 PM) : ITS NOT [censored] RIGGED, ITS VARIANCE
Chad (2:37:12 PM) : its rigged
Chad (2:37:19 PM) : stars i always say that
Chad (2:37:24 PM) : i will say that 2 do i die
Chad (2:37:27 PM) : no matter what i win on there
Chad (2:37:31 PM) : its a fact to me
ME (2:38:27 PM) : ok say thats what u believe, u agreed to a 10k prop bet knowing that its "rigged" why would u wanna [censored] over AK and menlo and make me look like [censored]
Chad (2:38:59 PM) : i look like shyt not u
Chad (2:39:02 PM) : i dont care either
Chad (2:39:03 PM) : fk them
Chad (2:39:05 PM) : fk err1
Chad (2:39:17 PM) : they can all suk my dif
Chad (2:39:19 PM) : dik
Chad (2:39:27 PM) : then he wants to get slik while we playing
Chad (2:39:29 PM) : fk that [censored]
Chad (2:39:35 PM) : i wont pay that [censored] if i win 2 mill guar next week
Chad (2:39:37 PM) : on a new nam,e
ME (2:40:06 PM) : thats like a scam, u wanna be as low as the [censored] that scammed u for all that money/
ME (2:40:10 PM) : its the same thing
Chad (2:40:40 PM) : naw naw
Chad (2:40:46 PM) : he knows who buked him
Chad (2:40:51 PM) : they can getit from me
Chad (2:40:54 PM) : when they see me 1 day liver
Chad (2:40:57 PM) : ill havbe it
Chad (2:41:05 PM) : all they gotta do it reach in my pocket and get it
Chad (2:41:12 PM) : and iill call em a pussy n shyt 2
Chad (2:41:17 PM) : fk those dudes
Chad (2:41:34 PM) : wanan run his mouth like he cute
Chad (2:41:37 PM) : btch im cuter
ME (2:41:31 PM) : dude listen to yourself, i know your a better person than this
Chad (2:41:51 PM) : i am
Chad (2:41:55 PM) : but i dotn care man
Chad (2:42:00 PM) : i am convinced starsis rigged
Chad (2:42:05 PM) : ther takin half mill ayear i fig
Chad (2:42:12 PM) : that i should e winnuing and im not
Chad (2:42:17 PM) : cause there fkn crrokos
Chad (2:42:19 PM) : man
Chad (2:42:24 PM) : and i cant loose anotehr `100k on my name
Chad (2:42:28 PM) : to cont with the bet
Chad (2:42:31 PM) : so fk them fk stasr
Chad (2:42:32 PM) : fk err1
Chad (2:42:38 PM) : i aint gonna play on jse 81 either
Chad (2:42:44 PM) : goin new namews
Chad (2:42:47 PM) : on both sites
ME (2:42:58 PM) : dude thats messed up that your leavin me hangin like this for the 10k bet
ME (2:43:11 PM) : im not gonna back out of it, and ill pay them 20k
Chad (2:43:32 PM) : god
Chad (2:43:33 PM) : dont do taht
ME (2:43:55 PM) : we had an agreement, my word is worth more than 10k
Chad (2:44:25 PM) : bah
Chad (2:44:29 PM) : are they that far ahead
ME (2:44:22 PM) : theyre not ahead at all
Chad (2:44:46 PM) : then tell em im out
Chad (2:44:52 PM) : if they wanna be dks
Chad (2:44:55 PM) : then i dont pay em
Chad (2:44:56 PM) : thats all
ME (2:44:49 PM) : how are they being dicks?
Chad (2:45:05 PM) : if its close then should be a big deal
Chad (2:45:11 PM) : cause hr wanan run his mouth to me at table
Chad (2:45:18 PM) : so he can eat thaqt money
Chad (2:45:23 PM) : i dotn need to deal wth this shy t
Chad (2:45:24 PM) : from ne 1
Chad (2:45:26 PM) : esp that [censored]
ME (2:45:12 PM) : dude he was joking
Chad (2:45:31 PM) : i dont care
ME (2:45:53 PM) : he didnt mean anything by it? were u affended or something?
Chad (2:46:33 PM) : just had enough
Chad (2:46:34 PM) : with this site
Chad (2:46:38 PM) : and err 1 bro
ME (2:47:36 PM) : i dont know what to say, are u 100% out (u did already back out once)
ME (2:54:03 PM) : ??? that was a few days ago, now this was today...
ME (12:34:21 PM): not playing today?
Chad (12:42:40 PM): i cant
Chad (12:42:52 PM): give up
Chad (12:42:55 PM): on stars
Chad (12:42:57 PM): 4 good
ME (12:44:09 PM): woulda been nice if u had told me u were gonna quit with 10 days left in the month before i put up 10k with u thinking we were gonna run over them
Chad (12:45:25 PM): i cant afford to play sorry
ME (12:45:54 PM): your a [censored] millionaire, the most u can ever lose in a day playing tourneys online is 2-3k
Chad (12:46:26 PM): i am not a millionaire at all
Chad (12:46:34 PM): and im down 70k in week
Chad (12:46:38 PM): cuse a site rigged my accocuntr
ME (12:46:36 PM): not in tourneys
Chad (12:46:43 PM): becuse i told err 1 to play on ftp
Chad (12:46:45 PM): yes in tournies
ME (12:46:42 PM): stop playing cash/sngs
Chad (12:46:49 PM): i cashed 1 tourn in 10 days on stars
Chad (12:46:53 PM): 111111111
Chad (12:46:55 PM): toun
Chad (12:46:58 PM): in 10 days
Chad (12:47:04 PM): loose 1k min in each 100r
ME (12:47:32 PM): how are u down 70k in a week?
ME (12:47:40 PM): obv not just tourneys
Chad (12:55:00 PM): i am not a millionaire at all
Chad (12:55:12 PM): im actualy hurtimg
Chad (12:55:26 PM): just spent 100k on crib then lost another almost that and other shyt
Chad (12:55:34 PM): thats half my roll in a week
Chad (12:55:44 PM): i need to get staked in order to play on stars ne more
Chad (12:55:51 PM): i have a riggegd accont
Chad (12:56:00 PM): now that i started tellin err 1 to play on ftp
Chad (12:56:03 PM): and stars is rigged
Chad (12:56:06 PM): 100%
ME (12:56:20 PM): r u on crack?
ME (12:56:30 PM): your out of your mind
ME (12:56:39 PM): its not [censored] rigged
Chad (12:56:53 PM): dude
Chad (12:56:55 PM): i 100%
Chad (12:56:58 PM): think t is
Chad (12:57:04 PM): and that my account has been rigged
Chad (12:57:09 PM): i cash err tourn on tilt
Chad (12:57:12 PM): stars most amzing
Chad (12:57:17 PM): now since i started goin nuts
Chad (12:57:19 PM): in chat
ME (12:57:17 PM): ok......
Chad (12:57:23 PM): cash 1 tourn in 10 days on there
ME (12:57:24 PM): for purposes of this bet, just pay ftp then Chad3 (12:57:29 PM): i have alot in blls
Chad (12:57:32 PM): cant play these games
ME (12:57:39 PM): play every buy in over 10k pp on ftp and i will be happy
Chad (12:58:07 PM): i cant fpcus
Chad (12:58:10 PM): on smaller shyt
ME (12:58:06 PM): wow'
Chad (12:58:16 PM): i lost 7k this morrning
Chad (12:58:20 PM): broke anothec pmputer
ME (12:58:15 PM): HOW???
Chad (12:58:23 PM): 2 1 in 2 days
Chad (12:58:24 PM): cash
Chad (12:58:25 PM): obv
Chad (12:58:27 PM): i cant
Chad (12:58:29 PM): i am down so much
Chad (12:58:33 PM): and cant win a tourny
Chad (12:58:52 PM): i cant even cash 1
ME (12:58:52 PM): your down 100k in cash and you say u wont play tourneys cause u cant win them
Chad (12:59:02 PM): im not
ME (12:58:59 PM): well your not winning cash iether
Chad (12:59:05 PM): m down 15k in cash
Chad (12:59:10 PM): last week and half
Chad (12:59:11 PM): thats it
Chad (12:59:19 PM): i cant win ne thing on stars
ME (12:59:15 PM): so not 70k?
Chad (12:59:24 PM): ya man
Chad (12:59:26 PM): with err thing else
Chad (12:59:28 PM): ts 70
ME (12:59:26 PM): lol
Chad (12:59:35 PM): i lost 35k since fri
ME (12:59:31 PM): down 55k in tounreys?
Chad (12:59:39 PM): not that much
Chad (12:59:41 PM): but stsakes
Chad (12:59:43 PM): and all shyt
Chad (1:00:24 PM): i just neeed a long break
Chad (1:00:34 PM): my account is so fkd on stars
ME (1:00:29 PM): i just dont know why u wouldnt tell me before we put up 10k talkin all this [censored] about beating menlo and ak87
Chad (1:00:38 PM): its not even a joke
Chad (1:00:40 PM): how they can do this
Chad (1:00:48 PM): dude
Chad (1:00:50 PM): i didnt know
Chad (1:00:55 PM): they were gonan rigg my na,me man
Chad (1:00:59 PM): aand take chataway
Chad (1:01:01 PM): put in there
Chad (1:01:02 PM): saying
Chad (1:01:05 PM): i said poekr stars is rigged
Chad (1:01:08 PM): play full tilt poker
Chad (1:01:11 PM): er since then
Chad (1:01:18 PM): i bubble err thing
Chad (1:01:21 PM): they give me pots
Chad (1:01:24 PM): to keep me on
Chad (1:01:25 PM): in shyt
Chad (1:01:27 PM): then to loose
Chad (1:01:30 PM): at dend
Chad (1:01:32 PM): i cant deal with it
Chad (1:01:35 PM): if u wanna stake me on stars
ME (1:01:31 PM): THATS [censored] POKER, LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT
Chad (1:01:36 PM): uc ant
Chad (1:01:37 PM): can
Chad (1:01:39 PM): i cant
ME (1:01:35 PM): YOUR OUT OF YOUR [censored] MIND
Chad (1:01:40 PM): dde
Chad (1:01:48 PM): its what i think
Chad (1:01:57 PM): maybee if u wated me u could see it for urself
Chad (1:03:11 PM): no man
Chad (1:03:13 PM): 10 days
Chad (1:03:16 PM): with 1 cash
Chad (1:03:17 PM): isnt that
Chad (1:03:20 PM): on 1 site
Chad (1:03:23 PM): on otehr like 1o fts
Chad (1:03:26 PM): amazing
Chad (1:03:35 PM): my account is rigged
Chad (1:03:39 PM): cant no 1 tell m eother wise
Chad (1:03:44 PM): and i dodnt give a fk ne more
Chad (1:03:47 PM): told zang off
Chad (1:03:49 PM): gent
Chad (1:03:54 PM): i dotn give a [censored] fk who likes me
Chad (1:04:17 PM): i know what variance is
Chad (1:04:19 PM): dde
Chad (1:04:21 PM): dude
Chad (1:04:27 PM): i am playin sik poker ever
Chad (1:04:37 PM): and loost err thing on 1 ste only
Chad (1:04:39 PM): most amazing
Chad (1:04:40 PM): things
Chad (1:05:06 PM): if u wanan stake me
Chad (1:05:07 PM): u can
Chad (1:05:13 PM): if not i aint playing
Chad (1:05:32 PM): i just dont havea a fair shot 2 wn
Chad (1:05:34 PM): on the site
ME (1:08:13 PM): cashing in 2 out of your last 33 tourneys is called variance
ME (1:08:29 PM): and in that span, ive probably played about 180 tourneys
ME (1:08:37 PM): good to see your commitment
ME (1:08:57 PM): u have 50 point scores counting on your monthly PLB
Chad (1:09:56 PM): that is becase stars ahas rigged my name
ME (1:10:09 PM): do u realize how retarded that sounds?
Chad (1:10:17 PM): no
Chad (1:10:21 PM): its a fact to me
ME (1:10:30 PM): do u realize how retarded that sounds?
Chad (1:10:40 PM): nope
ME (1:10:59 PM): pick one ranked player that will say that it doesnt sound retarded
Chad (1:11:12 PM): me
ME (1:11:18 PM): besides u
Chad (1:11:26 PM): and the peple who watch me
Chad (1:11:28 PM): my girl
Chad (1:11:29 PM): tells me kt
Chad (1:11:34 PM): she swears stars has riggd me
ME (1:11:37 PM): wow
Chad (1:11:43 PM): my assistant
Chad (1:11:47 PM): he thinks same way
Chad (1:11:51 PM): so he cash out all my money
ME (1:12:20 PM): the people that u probably yell at till they believe u
Chad (1:12:25 PM): i dunnno
Chad (1:12:37 PM): no
Chad (1:12:40 PM): they watch
Chad (1:12:43 PM): dude
Chad (1:12:48 PM): and see for themselves
Chad (1:13:01 PM): just bought a fkn 600k house
Chad (1:13:04 PM): i gottta lay for
Chad (1:13:09 PM): i needx to get staked now
Chad (1:13:12 PM): on stars
Chad (1:13:15 PM): if i wanna play
Chad (1:13:25 PM): becasue of whaever the fk u call it
Chad (1:13:32 PM): i owe alot on the place
Chad (1:13:38 PM): and need to conserve my money
Chad (1:13:40 PM): so i cashed it out
Chad (1:13:49 PM): i cant play theees fkin games
ME (1:13:48 PM): why wouldnt u tell me, i just bought a 600k house and if i go on a bad run for the first part of august, im not gonna play unlesss i get staked
Chad (1:13:54 PM): cause stars wanna make more money
Chad (1:14:00 PM): the site is 100% rigged ne way
Chad (1:14:05 PM): besdes my acct
Chad (1:14:07 PM): tilt is random
Chad (1:14:18 PM): u can win races late when u got 3 to 1l ead on tourn
Chad (1:14:20 PM): stars haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Chad (1:14:24 PM): [censored] they fk u
Chad (1:14:26 PM): so hared
Chad (1:14:28 PM): u cant win a pot ne more
Chad (1:14:33 PM): its so sik
Chad (1:14:41 PM): help waeker players playing
Chad (1:14:47 PM): its a good fkn hustle they got tho
Chad (1:14:50 PM): tilt is a random site
Chad (1:15:01 PM): i dont even care f i losoe 40 tourn str8
Chad (1:15:04 PM): its random and i know this
Chad (1:15:08 PM): stars ist
Chad (1:15:39 PM): im gonna play on stasr 2 nire
ME (1:15:38 PM): can i please show this conversation to P5 and see how many people think its the most retarded thing theyve ever heard?
Chad (1:15:44 PM): on a new name
Chad (1:15:57 PM): show what u want
Chad (1:16:01 PM): i cant stop u
Chad (1:16:04 PM): i dont care ne way
Chad (1:16:13 PM): i wont be on jse81 ether at end month
Chad (1:16:19 PM): no1 with fkn know who i am
Chad (1:16:25 PM): there for they wont have sum1 to talk about
Chad (1:16:54 PM): funny i may have played on diff name like 10x
Chad (1:17:00 PM): have over 3 30k score in that time
Chad (1:17:07 PM): never on my name on stars i can win that much
Chad (1:17:13 PM): cause they rigg me err time i get a shot
Chad (1:17:24 PM): to let lesser players win them and have rolls
Chad (1:17:35 PM): there smart if u look at it from there money perspectve
Chad (1:17:43 PM): a bnch of fkn arab crrooks
Chad (1:17:57 PM): stars s rigged for action 2
Chad (1:18:04 PM): its so obv 3
Chad (1:18:04 PM): 2
Chad (1:20:14 PM): every time i get ne thing sum1 suks me out or i get coolered qq to aa pre kk to aa
Chad (1:20:16 PM): every tim
Chad (1:20:17 PM): e
Chad (1:20:20 PM): no point in p,aying
Chad (1:20:21 PM): on that
Chad (1:20:27 PM): piece od shyt account i got
Chad (1:20:29 PM): that got rigged
Chad (1:20:35 PM): case i start tellin the million railers
Chad (1:20:36 PM): tgo play on ftp
Chad (1:20:40 PM): and satsr is rigged
ME (1:20:48 PM): ya cause that never happens on ftp or live right?
Chad (1:20:55 PM): i wish that fkn site would blow up
Chad (1:20:58 PM): no
Chad (1:21:00 PM): not like this
Chad (1:21:01 PM): at al
Chad (1:21:04 PM): beats ya
Chad (1:21:06 PM): hear and there
Chad (1:21:09 PM): i know how it goes
Chad (1:21:15 PM): not err thing i sit in
Chad (1:21:21 PM): rigg hands 4 asure
Chad (1:21:26 PM): err time i get sumthin goimn