word type: acronym

  1. You Should Seriously Consider Killing Yourself.


Well, no not really, no one wants you to seriously consider killing yourself. In fact if anyone took someone up on the suggestion, the person originally uttering the phrase would probably feel positively awful! For this reason, this poker insult acronym has fallen out of favor in recent years.


For evidence of just how poorly regarded the phraseology is, there was a 2+2 thread in 2008 in which JJProdigy issued yet another disingenuous apology to the poker community, claiming once again that he would go clean and stop cheating the poker world.

Although Josh Field is a pathological cheating scumbag, and his apology was undoubtedly a lie, it was not well received when Poker Terms contributor Shane "Shaniac" Schleger suggested to Field "YSSCKY" in the thread, spelling out each word rather than using the acronym.

Shaniac was taken to task by several posters in the thread for saying such harsh words, even though JJProdigy still resides near the bottom of the poker scumbag totem pole.

Hip Hop Origins

The concept behind "YSSCKY" was not invented in the poker world. In fact, the hip-hop super group Gravediggaz pioneered the concept in a 1994 song called "1-800-Suicide."

Here is the original version of the song in which RZA and others suggest various ways in which you might want to "SCKY:"

Remix of the song with alternate lyrics: