word type: poker slang

  1. A nicknamed given to the Hold'em hand 22, in reference to the similarity in shape of the number 2 and the profile of a duck swimming.

How to Play Ducks?

Usually, you want to play small pairs cautiously by set mining. Depending on your stack size, you should be limping, raising, and sometimes even open folding the ducks.

40+ BBs: With more than 40 BBs, you should be raising any pot you open and flatting other opening raises with 22. The aim is to either flop a set or take the pot with one continuation bet. If neither of these things happen, you should usually just try and get to showdown.

20-40 BBs:With between 20 and 40 BBs, what you should do relies heavily on your table and other stack sizes. For example, if you face a raise from a player with less than 15 BBs, you should fold. However, if you face a raise from a player who has over 35 BBs, you can sometimes flat if you have closer to 40 BBs, or move all-in if you have around 20 BBs.

Under 15 BBs:If you get dealt 22 with under 15 BBs, you are either going to be folding when faced with a raise, or open shoving preflop.

Quack Quack

When Paul Magriel makes a raise he sometimes says "Quack Quack" which is not a reference to 22, but is a reference to the sound a duck makes. Below is a clip of his antics, which also features him knocking out Phil Hellmuth.