word type: who knows

  1. The percent (%) of the time that a poker player puts money in preflop

Examples of Usage

(04:14:16) GIFAFI: i think your VPIP is pretty much 100
(04:14:22) stevesbets: lol
(04:14:34) stevesbets: thats why i always get the bulk of my money in good

Of course, such a statement on the part of stevesbets is utterly ridiculous, but the use of VPIP is correct. stevesbets' VPIP in some games is, in fact, close to 100%. This is a sign of his inability to play cap PLO profitably.


The term %VP$IP was originated by the popular software program PokerTracker. It has since been adopted by the poker community and it is generally referred to simply as VPIP.

The full acronym stands for: % of time a player voluntarily puts $ in the pot preflop.