word type: verb

  1. The necessity to shift strategies and make subtle changes based on game conditions. It is a skill that is integral to beating poker games.

Common Adjustments

In tournament poker, players often have to adjust their playing styles, ranges, and level of aggression based on factors such as the tournament structure and table composition.

Other basic adjustments in all forms of poker are predicated on a player's awareness of his opponent's tendencies and how those tendencies require stylistic adjustments in a variety of poker situations.


Just as a very general example, if you're a fairly TAG player running deep in a tournament and find a yourself at an extremely tight table, it's usually a good idea to open up and play a more LAG style. This will allow you to steal more blinds and chip up quite easily, especially if your opponents fail to adjust to your change of pace. However, players should remember that their ability to switch gears depends on their situational awareness - randomly changing your play for no reason is not a good strategy.