Poker Gods

word type: poker slang

  1. Deity figures that a poker player will pray to and/or curse because they are believed to control the fate of every poker hand.


Whenever a poker player runs bad, they ask what they did to anger the "Poker Gods" after a hand. Also, they will be known to actually pray to the Poker Gods to help them in their efforts.

Just Who Are the Poker Gods

If Poker Gods do exist, we can draw upon ancient Greek mythology to explain just who they might be. Although there is no tangible evidence to suggest in theological circles that these are the Poker Gods, you can feel free to use these examples at your next home game.

Athena - Goddess of War and Wisdom
Fortuna - Goddess of Luck and Chance
Dagon - God of the Fish

Religious Poker Players

There are several well known players that are religious. Although he didn't pray to "Poker Gods," WSOP Main Event Winner Jerry Yang prayed to Jesus (as a devoted Christian) during hands. Famed tournament pro Andy Black is a well known Buddhist.