Terms Starting with F

terms are listed in alphabetical order

Face Card

A face card is a card that has a face on it, meaning any King, Queen or Jack. (read more)

Face Down

A card that is face down is one that has the value side of the card downward as to hide what it is to the table. (read more)

Face Up

Face Up refers to when a card is showing its value to the entire table, much how (read more)


Fade, or 'fade outs' is a poker term that indicates a player had to dodge many outs in order to win a poker hand. Related to the term 'hold.' (read more)

Fake Think

It's popular for poker players to hollywood for the table or cameras. This means that they pretend to think about a hand, but they have their mind made up. (read more)

Family Pot

A family pot is one in which many, or all, of the players at a table are involved. The poker slang is made in jest to refer to the large number of players. (read more)


Playing fast refers to playing a made hand very aggressively instead of slow playing it. (read more)


In its first, literal meaning, felt is the fabric that lines a poker table. As a poker slang verb, it means to bust (or stack) an opponent. (read more)


FFS is an acronym popular in poker forums meaning For F's Sake (read more)


Field refers to the total number of players in a poker tournament or to all the players involved in a poker hand. (read more)

Fifth Street

Fifth Street is the fifth card dealt in a Stud game or the river card in a game of Hold'em or Omaha. (read more)

Fifty Fifty

The fifty-fifty is a nightly event at 21:30 ET with a $50+5 buy-in and a $50K guaranteed prize pool. (read more)

Fill Up

The slang term Fill Up describes when two pair or a set hits a card - usually when the board pairs - that turns their hand into a full house. (read more)

Final Table

Final tables are the last stage before a poker tournament is finished. Final tables usually consist of between six and ten players. (read more)


Fire is yet another battle-related metaphor in poker; it usually simply refers to the act of betting and more colloquially to playing pit games. (read more)


A fish is an inexperienced poker player. It's also called the sucker. Made famous by the movie (read more)

Fist Pump

Fist pump is a metaphorical expression for a situation in which you are very happy to be calling or going all in during a poker hand. (read more)

Five of a Kind

The hand five of a kind is unique to wildcard games only and often ranks as the higest possible poker hand. (read more)

Fixed Limit

Fixed limit poker is when the amount a player can bet and raise are fixed. Unlike No Limit and Pot Limit, players can only bet a set number of chips. (read more)


Flag is the slang term for a casino chip that has a value of five thousand dollars. Flags often get stored or exchanged for use in large buyin games. (read more)


When a card has been 'flashed' in a game of live poker, it has been exposed to participants or obsevers of the game, (read more)


Flat, or 'flatting' refers to calling a poker bet as opposed to raising. It may also refer to a style of tournament payout structure. (read more)

Flat Tire

The nickname of (read more)


Flip is the term poker players use to describe a hand or situation where card values are equivalent, like a coinflip. (read more)


Floating is when a poker player calls a bet without a good hand intending to bluff the bettor later in the hand. (read more)


Floor people are essentially the managers of the poker room, in charge of organizing the games, enforcing rules, and settling disputes. (read more)


A floorman is the casino employee responsible for monitoring and administration of the poker games. (read more)


The flop in a game of poker is the term used for the first three community cards (read more)

Flop a Set

To flop a set is to hit a third card of its kind while holding a pocket pair. (read more)


Floptimistic players either have unrealistically high expectations about the prospects of a starting hand and are prone to euphoria post flop. (read more)


A flush consists of five cards of the same suit, and is one notch above a straight in the ranking of poker hands. (read more)


FML is one of those poker acronyms that has been pioneered by the young generation of poker players who have no perspective. It stands for 'fuck my life.' (read more)


Folding poker means discarding your cards into the middle of the table, thus giving up the hand. Players can muck their cards face down or fold face up. (read more)

Fold Equity

Fold equity typically is referred to in short-stack poker. It centers around the probability that an opponent will fold if a player pushes all in. (read more)

Forced Bet

Forced bets are simply antes and blinds, or any kind of bet that is required from each player at the table at random in order to generate action. (read more)

Forward Motion

Forward Motion is a rule held by most casinos constituting any movement of chips towards the pot to be a committing action. (read more)

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind refers to when a player holds all four cards of the same rank. (read more)

Four To A Flush

The term four to a flush refers to when a player has four cards, but not five, towards a flush and is drawing to get the fifth card of that suit. (read more)

Four To A Straight

The term four to a straight is used when a player describes that he has four cards connected for a straight and needs one more to hit his hand. (read more)

Fourth Street

Fourth Street is the fourth card dealt in a game of Stud or the turn card in a game of Hold'em or Omaha. (read more)


Foxwoods is a sprawling hotel and casino in Connecticut with a large poker room. It is the epicenter for poker in New England. (read more)


FPP is an acronym for Frequent Play Points, which are awarded to players on PokerStars based on volume of play and rake paid. (read more)


FPS stands for 'fancy play syndrome' and indicates a tendency that certain players have to be overly tricky in poker situations. (read more)

Freak and A Very Weird Dude

'Freak and a very weird dude' is the characterization of Jimmy 'Gobbo' Fricke that leaked to Fricke through an internal email penned by Howard Lederer. (read more)

Free Balloons

Free Balloons is a joke on the PocketFives.com poker forum in which gidders.com is said to be giving away "free balloons" to members. (read more)

Free Card

A free card is one that occurs after a round with no betting. It's free because no money was put into the pot by any player to see it. (read more)


A freeroll is a poker tournament that with no entry fee. It may also refer to a poker hand that can't lose but might beat a hand of equal strength. (read more)


A freeroll is a poker tournament that with no entry fee. It may also refer to a poker hand that can't lose but might beat a hand of equal strength. (read more)


A Freezeout is a poker game that ends when someone has all the chips. Tournaments, or any match that ends when one player has all the chips, are examples. (read more)


When a poker player is in a frenzy, he is usually on tilt for an extended period of time. Degenerate behavior and poor decision making are common. (read more)

Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights is a promotion at Full Tilt Poker that offers three guarantee tournaments and a heads up match between Full Tilt pros. (read more)


FTL is an acronym for the term 'for the loss,' and can be used in a variety of ways to describe mostly unimportant aspects of poker and life. (read more)


FTOPS is a series of online tournaments that take place on Full Tilt Poker four times a year, with buyins ranging from $100 to $5,000. (read more)


FTPDoug is the screen name for Doug, a manager for Full Tilt Poker who is active on poker community forums. (read more)


FTW is an acronym for the term 'for the win,' and can be employed in a variety of unimportant ways to describe things related to poker. (read more)

Full House

A full house is a poker hand which is made up of having three of a kind along with a pair. This is one of the very best poker hands to make. (read more)

Full Ring

The term Full Ring refers to a poker game played nine or ten handed. (read more)

Full Tilt Down

This is a commonly asked question on poker forums. The reason is that Full Tilt Poker tends to crash and freeze a lot. (read more)

Full Tilt Points

Full Tilt Points are a rewards system initiated by playing real money games at Full Tilt Poker. (read more)

Full Tilt Poker

Fullt Tilt Poker, often abbreviated 'FTP,' is a popular online poker site that is represented by many high-profile poker professionals. (read more)

Full Tilt Poker Academy

The Full Tilt Poker Academy was launched at the popular poker room's website for free and offers the opportunity to learn from pro poker players. (read more)

Full Tilt Store

The Full Tilt Store is a place where players on Full Tilt Poker can spend their Full Tilt Points and buy things like clothing or electronics. (read more)

Fundamental Theorem of Poker

The fundamental theorem of poker was set forth by David Sklansky in his book Theory of Poker and defines a basic principle about the nature of poker success. (read more)


Fuper is the message-board term for the $150+13 poker tournament that is held nightly on Full Tilt Poker. The term originates from (F)ull Tilt and S(uper). (read more)


FWIW is an acronym commonly used on internet forum sites meaning For What It's Worth. (read more)