Full House

word type: noun

  1. A poker hand consisting of three of a kind along with a pair for a five card hand.
  2. A mind-numbingly terrible TV sitcom from the late 1980s.


Let's say the action folds to you on the button with the snowmen. You raise 2.5x the BB, and only the SB calls. The flop comes down 8-4-2 rainbow, giving you top set. Your opponent decides to lead for half the pot, and you flat. The turn brings a king and when the SB checks, you check behind for deception. The river drops another duck, which looks like a brick but actually makes you a full house (88822). Your opponent goes all-in and when you immediately snapcall, he shows aces and is crushed when you table your boat.

Phil Laak vs. durrrr

The clip below shows a hand featured on GSN's High Stakes Poker between durrrr and Phil Laak. In the hand, the board runs 6c-9h-6h-6s-8h, with Phil Laak holding JhTh (a flush) and Dwan holding 8s8d (a full house).

Full House (The Show)

Below is the opening title sequence to the popular sitcom, which featured such comedic geniuses as Bob Saget and John Stamos (I'm only half serious).