Terms Starting with M

terms are listed in alphabetical order

Made Hand

A made hand is one that does not require a draw. It typically refers to a pocket pair and means a person is typically statistically ahead in a hand. (read more)

Magic: The Gathering

The significance of Magic the Gathering, a role-playing card game, is the number of elite young poker players who started out playing MTG. (read more)


Makeup is the term used to describe the accumulated losses in a staking arrangement in which past buyins must be recouped before profits are split. (read more)


MAPing in poker is when you decide to make a play. Making a play is often used to refer to a bluff or a risky move of some kind. (read more)

Marcel Luske

Marcel Luske is a well known professional poker player from Amsterdam who is known for wearing suits and upside-down sunglasses while playing poker. (read more)


Marginal situations in poker are the sort of situations which have only a limited amount of value and straddle the line between a winning and losing play. (read more)

Mason Malmuth

Mason Malmuth is a famed poker author and the owner of Two Plus Two Publishing, a well-known publisher of top-quality poker books and popular website. (read more)

Master Baiter

In poker, a master baiter is someone who baits other poker players in a masterful manner. (read more)

Master Classics of Poker

Master Classics of Poker is a series of tournaments held each November at the Holland Casino. It is the biggest poker tournament in the Netherlands. (read more)

Matrix Tournament

A special type of tournament on Full Tilt Poker that is actually split up into four separate tournaments. (read more)

Matt Savage

Matt Savage is a long-established tournament director, who is known for his willingness to adopt unique and player-friendly structures in his tournaments. (read more)


Maverick was a TV Series in the late 1950s and early '60s and a 1994 movie, both starring James Garner in the role of a traveling, poker-playing maverick. (read more)

Mayfair Club

The Mayfair Club was a card club in Manhattan where many of the most elite poker players in the game today first cut their teeth. (read more)


MazeOrBowie is the nickname for online poker player Jesse Martin, who plays cash games and tournaments, both live and online. (read more)


MBN is an acronym used to express jealousy, frustration and possibly a little anger. It stands for: Must Be Nice. (read more)

Me and My Uncle

Me and My Uncle is a song written by John Phillips about cheating and collusion among road gamblers in poker. It was popularized by the Grateful Dead. (read more)


A mechanic is a dealer that can manipulate the cards to be dealt in a self-serving manner. (read more)


The word meh is often used on poker forums to communicate apathy and indifference towards a subject matter. (read more)

Men Nguyen

Men Nguyen is one of the most accomplished tournament pros of all time with six WSOP bracelets and winning the CardPlayer Player of the Year award 4 times. (read more)

Mexican Bankroll

The term Mexican Bankroll refers to a stack of money that has hundred dollar bills on the top and bottom but only has one dollar bills in between. (read more)

Mexican Holdem

Mexican holdem is a mythical but theoretically awesome version of Texas Holdem. (read more)

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is one of the major poker rooms on The Strip in Las Vegas and features over 20 poker tables. (read more)


MGR is an acronym in the online poker industry that stands for Monthly Gross Revenue and is often used for tracking purposes at rakeback sites. (read more)

Michael DeMichele

Michael DeMichele is a highly accomplished poker player. He is known to many poker fans as the runner up to Scotty Nguyen in the 2008 $50K WSOP HORSE event. (read more)


Micro-limit stakes refer to the very cheapest games that a player can compete in online. Players at micro levels typically on risk a few dollars per hand max. (read more)


Definition of the Poker Term Mid-Stakes (read more)

Mike Caro

Mike Caro is a live poker professional and a pioneer poker theorist who has authored many poker books. (read more)

Mike Martin

Michael Martin is an American-born professional poker player who has achieved extraordinary results in European poker tournaments. (read more)

Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow, nicknamed 'The Mouth', is a 3 time WSOP bracelet winner and noted celebrity pro poker player. (read more)

Mike McDermott

Mike McDermott is the character played by Matt Damon in the movie Rounders. (read more)

Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton is know for many things in poker, particularly for helping to bring poker into the mainstream and for being co-host of the WPT. (read more)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson is a young tournament player and math specialist whose breakout tournament success took place during the 2008 Bellagio Cup. (read more)

Million Dollar Race

The Million Dollar Race is a point system leader board that runs between the first and last day of each month and awards $1,000,000 amongst 3,000 winners. (read more)


Mincash refers to a 'bottom money' finish in a poker tournament. In other words, the amount awarded to the lowest ITM finishers in a tournament. (read more)


The MiniFTOPS was created to run alongside the popular FTOPS series of events but offer a much lower buy-in for players with micro bankrolls. (read more)


A minraise is simply a raise that is equal to the original bet. It stands out as an unusual play in games of big bet poker, and is often considered weak. (read more)


A misclick refers to when someone accidentally clicks on something during a poker game they had not intended to click on. (read more)


A misdeal in poker occurs in a poker hand when the deal is corrupted. For instance, when one of the first two cards off the deck is exposed, it is a misdeal. (read more)

Mississippi Straddle

Mississippi Straddle is a type of straddle that can be made from any position at the table, as opposed to the traditonal straddle which must be made from UTG. (read more)

Mixed Game

Mixed games are games that take place at the same table with the same players but rotate through different forms of poker after a set number of hands. (read more)

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is a casino in Uncasville, Connecticut that contains a poker room, which closed in 2003 and re-opened in 2008. (read more)

Moneymaker Effect

The Moneymaker Effect describes the increase in the popularity of poker that resulted from Chris Moneymaker winning the WSOP Main Event. (read more)


Monkey refers to a wild, untamed type of poker player, who is likely to play without much advanced thought. It can also be used in the sense of 'monkey tilt.' (read more)


A monster poker hand is a hand that has excessively high value. The most obvious examples might be a rolled up hand (trips in stud) or pocket aces. (read more)

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a famous gambling destination located in the principality of Monaco. Pokerstars holds its EPT Grand Final there every year. (read more)

Monthly Million

The Monthly Million is the big money poker tournament at popular poker room PartyPoker which runs the first Sunday of Every Month with a $1,000,000 guarantee. (read more)

Move In

The slang term Move In means to shove all your chips in the middle, meaning you bet everything you have and is synonymous with the saying all-in. (read more)


MTT is a simple acronym for 'multi-table tournament' as opposed to 'single table tournament,' which is designated as an 'STT' or 'SnG.' (read more)

MTT Welfare

MTT Welfare describes the sorry state of existence for many full time tournament players who can barely make ends meet and are scraping by. (read more)


The acronym MUBS stands for Monsters Under the Bed Syndrome and applies to players that see monster hands at every flop. (read more)


To muck in poker means to toss cards face down when folding in a hand. The muck is also the collective group of folded cards in a hand. (read more)

Multi Accounting

Multi accounting means using more than one account when playing in a poker tournament. It is against the Terms of Service of many online poker rooms. (read more)

Multi-way Pot

A multi-way pot is one where there are three or more players left in the hand vying for the pot. (read more)


Multitabling is the act of playing more than one game of poker on an online poker site. Often this is done with dual monitors. (read more)


Mush is a related term to 'cooler' in the William H. Macy sense. It can also be used as a verb to describe the same thing--the generation of bad luck. (read more)

Must Move

Must Move tables force players to move into the main game in an effort to ensure that at least one game at a given limit remains full (read more)