Terms Starting with W

terms are listed in alphabetical order

Wake Up

Wake up refers to a situation when the action goes to a poker player who looks at his hole cards to discover a monster hand. (read more)


When all the players fold to the player in the big blind, the player in the big blind is said to have been given a walk. (read more)

Walking Chips

When you see someone walking around the tournament area, schmoozing, you might ask him if he has 'walking chips,' slang for a big chip stack. (read more)


Poker dealers will often wash the cards when a new deck is put in play. It takes a little extra time, but it helps prevent cheating. (read more)


Wat is a word used on internet message boards in response to a post that makes absolutely no sense. It is short for (read more)


The acronym WAWB stands for the term Way Ahead Way Behind. (read more)

Way Ahead Way Behind

The term Way Ahead Way Behind points to specific points in a hand where a player is either way ahead or way behind. (read more)

Wayne Gretzky

The hand of pocket nines is also known as Wayne Gretzky as he is the most famous athlete to don the number 99. (read more)


The WBCOOP is a promotion at PokerStars that allows free entry to poker bloggers into a series of six tournaments. (read more)


WCOOP is the online equivalent of the WSOP, an annual series of online high stakes poker tournaments hosted each year by Pokerstars. (read more)

We Play This Game We Wait for F*ing Cocktail

'We Play This Game We Wait for F*ing Cocktail' is the culmination of Scotty Nguyen's frustration at the speed of cokctail service during the WSP 50K HORSE. (read more)

Weak Tight

Weak tight describes a losing style of poker playing that is characterized by being overly tight and overly passive. (read more)

Wet Board

A wet board in poker refers to a flop that has a highly coordinated (and potentially dangerous) grouping of cards. (read more)

What Lodden Thinks

What Lodden Thinks is a prop betting game that revolves around guessing what some other person will think about a subject. (read more)


A wheel, or wheel straight, is holding the ace to five straight: A, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Players can also be on wheel draws to make this hand. (read more)


Whiff is an expression that refers to an instance of missing draws in a poker hand. Like if a player has a diamond draw and the river is a black deuce. (read more)

Whoever Invented Chips Was a Genius

Whoever invented chips was a genius is the second part of an expression designed to indicate that chips allow people to forget the value of money. (read more)

Wild Bill Hickock

Wild Bill Hickock is a legendary figure of the American Old West and made his living as gunfighter, lawman and gambler. (read more)

Wild Card

Wild cards are cards that can be used to represent any value. The do not exist in most forms of poker but are still a viable concept in most home games. (read more)

Window Card

The window card is synonymous with the 'door card,' the first card revealed on a Hold 'Em or Omaha board, or the first upcard dealt in a stud hand. (read more)


Winrate is a word used to describe the rate in which a poker player will win money and is calculated either in big bets per 100 or big blinds per 100. (read more)

Wire Poker

The popular HBO show The Wire features a couple of brief but in-depth portrayals of poker games, one of which depicts Marlo Stanfield getting robbed. (read more)

World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour was founded in 2002 by Lyle Berman and Steve Lipscomb, who organized a series of high stakes poker tournaments into a TV series. (read more)

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is the most famous, prestigious and well-attended poker tournament series in the world. It takes place each summer in Las Vegas. (read more)


Lester Murphy, aka Worm, is one of the main characters in the movie Rounders and was played by Edward Norton. (read more)


WP is an acronym for 'well played' a term that can either be taken at face value or, depending on the context, as a sarcastic or biting remark. (read more)


WPT is the acronym for the 'World Poker Tour,' a television show that broadcasts a number of high stakes tournaments each year. (read more)

WPT Celebrity Invitational

The WPT Celebrity Invitational is an annual event hosted by the World Poker Tour and Commerce Casino that pits poker players against celebrities. (read more)


Wrap is the term for a straight draw in Omaha that can be filled with three or more card values from the deck. A wrap will have between 9 and 20 outs. (read more)


WSOP is the commonly used acronym for the World Series of Poker, the largest annual series of tournaments, held each summer in Las Vegas. (read more)

WSOP Circuit

The WSOP Circuit was a series of tournaments conceived by Harrah's as an offshoot to the WSOP at the peak of the poker boom in 2005. (read more)


WTF, an abbreviation for 'what the fuck,' is an expression commonly seen in the chat box of online poker sites and on online message boards. (read more)


The acronym WTSD stands for 'went to showdown' which is a popular stat that poker players use in their HUDs. (read more)


The acronym WWSF stands for Won When Saw Flop and is often used in tracking reports in Holdem Manager or PokerTracker 3. (read more)

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn in Las Vegas is one of the biggest poker rooms on The Strip and offers a variety of poker games. (read more)